CROSS Food Ministry is a local food and utility assistance, serving the Seymour, tri-county community. Our mission is to meet real needs regardless of religious beliefs. CROSS is supported financially by sponsoring churches, community fundraisers, local business, and generous individuals.

For over 30 years CROSS has provided the following services:

  • Food boxes
  • Utility Assistance
  • Gas vouchers for doctor appointments
  • Educational classes

Our Leadership

Pictured (Front Row – Left to Right): Secretary Luci Carleton, Board Chair Person Connie Gibson, Treasurer Jeanne Prince (Back Row – Left to Right) VP-Scheduling Gail Leitch, Executive Director Doug Daniel

Our History

CROSS Food Ministry was founded in 1989, envisioned by Reverend J.E. Johnson, Eusebia Presbyterian, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, and Seymour United Methodist Church. It was decided by these four ministries that more could be done for those in our community if the churches pooled resources.

The Purpose of the organization was to provide food and utility assistance to those within our community. CROSS is governed by a Board of Directors (one member from each partnering church) Currently, CROSS has 19 partnering churches and approximately 100 volunteers.

Our Partnering Churches

  • Boyd’s Creek Church of God
  • Cedar Grove Baptist Church
  • Celebration Lutheran Church
  • Eden Chapel
  • Eusebia Presbyterian Church
  • Foothills Worship Center
  • Grace Baptist Church
  • Holy Family Catholic Church
  • Knob Creek Baptist Church
  • Oak City Baptist Church
  • Providence Baptist Church
  • Seymour Church
  • Seymour First Baptist Church
  • Seymour Heights Christian Church
  • Seymour United Methodist Church
  • Shiloh Baptist Church
  • Southside Baptist Church
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal
  • The Pursuit Church
  • Valley Grove Baptist Church
  • Zion Hill Baptist Church
2023 Grant Partners

  • KUB/TVA Community Cares Program
  • United Way EFSP
  • Sevier County, TN